Lake Gibson Middle School

Dress Code

Students must follow the dress code policy and it is checked daily by teachers and staff.  If a student is not in compliance with the policy, they will be required to call home and have the necessary clothes brought to them.

Colors by grade level:

  • 6th – gray LGMS t-shirt
  • 7th – royal blue LGMS t-shirt
  • 8th – navy blue LGMS t-shirt or navy blue polo shirt

T-shirts may be purchased in the front office for $7.00.

If you need financial assistance with the purchase of t-shirts, please contact the school.

LGMS dress code 20-21 updated

Changes for the upcoming school year:

What’s New Dress Code 20-21

Per the Polk County School District:

Students must wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth and fits snugly against the sides of the person’s face with little or no gaps at all times to ensure their own safety and the safety of other students and staff.  Students must wear the face covering at all times when on school grounds or district-provided transportation, unless the student is involved in an approved activity when a face covering would not be appropriate.  All face coverings must comply with general dress code and school uniform requirements.  Face coverings cannot have inappropriate images or messages (drugs, violence, profanity, etc. ). 

Campus Learning Safety Protocols